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Søheltepladsen - Sj. Odde

Beautiful Sj.odde

Søheltepladsen opened in the summer of 2018 as a mini park in Havnebyen on Sjællands Odde. The park is inspired by the naval battle at Sjællands Odde in 1808 and features six grass courts with maritime obstacles for ball games, as well as a petanque court. During the season, the courts are surrounded by wildflowers, and ten oak trees have been planted.

The park has five picnic table sets, four of which have built-in grills, making it perfect for family or corporate events. The six courts can be played as a mini version of football golf, where they can be completed 1-3 times with different equipment such as soccer, handball, or frisbee.

Players can agree on rules to adjust the game's difficulty, such as deciding how to handle balls that go out of bounds or how many shots are allowed. Creativity and imagination are encouraged to make the game more enjoyable.

Bring your own food or purchase it at SuperBrugsen on Oddenvej 217, where you can also find toilets and refreshments. The nearest public toilet is 200 meters away at Odden Havn. Enjoy food at the harbor's dining spots, shop at SuperBrugsen, or bring a picnic from home for a cozy visit to Søheltepladsen.

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