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The Stone on Esterhøj

The Stone on Esterhøj.

The stone on Esterhøj was moved to its current location in 1920 to commemorate the historic moment when parts of Southern Jutland were reunited with Denmark after 56 years of absence.

Weighing approximately 25 tons, it took 14 days for 500 men and 22 horses to haul the stone on a block wagon through the forest, up Høve Stræde, and onto the hill, with an elevation gain of 85 meters. All 500 men involved in transporting the stone were members of the local sports clubs.

Esterhøj has a rich history, with legend telling of a troll who lived in the hill and hid great treasures. The constant ringing of the bells from Asnæs and Vig Churches forced the troll to leave the area, but before doing so, he hid the key to the hill beneath a stone at Klint.

The key could only be obtained by lifting the stone and removing the key in complete silence. Some men managed to lift the stone, but an excited girl who was supposed to take the key exclaimed, "There it is!" - and so the key disappeared, leaving the treasures at Esterhøj untouched.

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