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  • Malergården - the home of the Swane family
    Malergården - the home of the Swane family

    One of the few well-preserved, authentic artist homes in Denmark and the home of the Swane family since 1934. Here you can experience the Swan family's paintings in their proper context. The painter Sigurd Swane (1879-1973) created Malergården together with his wife Agnete (1893-1994). The house was built according to Agnete's specific instructions.Please note: Malergården is located at the end of a narrow, single-lane gravel road, so drive slowly, use the passing spots, and watch out for the...

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  • Minigolfparken

    Plan your visit, book online, and enjoy some relaxation after the game

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  • Nordstrands mums
    Nordstrands mums

    Local, sustainability, and organic are some of the things highly valued when you stop by the little red cart or choose to enjoy a good cup of coffee in the glasshouse. 

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  • Isefjord - The 4 Ferries
    Isefjord - The 4 Ferries

    Experience the Beautiful Fjordland: A Sensory Journey Through Denmark's GemIn Denmark, there is hardly a place with more beautiful and varied nature than Fjordland. With kilometers of sandy beaches, lush forests, and landscapes adorned with manors and churches, villages and market towns, galleries, and a range of attractions, the area offers an experience for all the senses. Take a tour around the Isefjord with the four ferries and be enchanted by the spectacular landscape.

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