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Solvognen Odsherred - in Trundholm Mose

Visit Solvognens Fundsted in Trundholm Mose and journey back in time to the Bronze Age, approximately 3,500 years ago. Here, you can discover the history of how people lived and transformed the landscape, as well as how they worshipped the sun and made offerings.

The site is located at the end of a long, narrow road called Trundholm Mosevej. When you arrive, you'll see a large gate marking the entrance. This gate is not only a part of the landscape but also a kind of artwork that tells stories of the Bronze Age.

At the gate, you can see a large pictorial narrative on one of the walls, depicting the Sun Chariot and life 3,500 years ago in Odsherred. This place is open to visitors all year round, and there are information boards to guide you.

There is also a dedicated parking area where buses can park, making it easy for groups to visit this historic site.

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