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Odsherred Zoo

Odsherred Zoo

Odsherred Zoo is Denmark's first and only rescue center for exotic animals in distress. Their animals come from research laboratories in the cosmetics or pharmaceutical industries. There are also animals from illegal trafficking and animals removed from private or smaller zoos. Additionally, they have "traditional" zoo animals and can present approximately 600 animals spread across 90-100 species. So, there are plenty of animals to see. 

As part of their commitment to animal welfare, they collaborate with leading institutions such as AAP in Holland, Vogelrevalidatiecentrum Zundert in Holland, Lav Settore Esotici in Italy, and a French university research center. Odsherred Zoo also focuses on specialization rather than mass breeding and establishes habitat groups to prevent the indiscriminate euthanasia of animals, which unfortunately is a reality in many zoological gardens.

Castration, sterilization, and birth control are used sensibly to control the number of animals in their collection. This allows visitors to experience a variety of fascinating animals, including their lively group of capuchin monkeys and former rescue animals like snow leopards and red ruffed lemurs. Not all animals are publicly accessible as their well-being and rehabilitation are prioritized.

So there are plenty of animals and great experiences waiting for you at the charming Odsherred Zoo.
Read more about the event here. They will open for the 2024 season on April 27th.

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Odsherred Zoo

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