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Malergården - the home of the Swane family

A Hidden Gem for Everyone

Discover one of the few well-preserved and authentic artist homes in Denmark, Malergården, which has been the home of the Swane family since 1934. Here, you can experience the paintings of the Swan family in their authentic environment. Sigurd Swane, one of Denmark's renowned painters, and his wife Agnete created this oasis of art and nature.

Malergården - More than Just Art
Malergården is not just for art lovers; it's an experience for the whole family. Gain insight into the life of a unique family that moved to the countryside to create a small agricultural paradise with room for art and guests. Step into the authentic artist's home, where light and fragrance have been preserved since 1934. Visit the studio, the beautiful rooms, and the Billedskolen, where you can create your own works with free drawing and painting materials.

Beautiful Surroundings and Historic Rooms
The house is surrounded by a garden with dahlia beds, boxwood hedges, apple orchards, and a viewpoint. Here, you can enjoy views over the gentle meadows to the Lammefjord. The original rooms showcase the paintings of Sigurd Swane and authentic furnishings. Explore the large dining room, the studio, the Red Room, the Garden Room, the kitchen, the Blue Room, the children's rooms, and Valdemar Rørdam's room. The beautiful, vibrant colors are complemented by the picturesque surroundings outside the windows.

Practical Information
Note that Malergården is located at the end of a narrow, one-way gravel road. Drive slowly, use the passing places, and watch out for deep ditches. The museum is open year-round and also features a café and museum shop.

Come and experience a place where art and nature come together in the most beautiful way!


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