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The family farm in Rørvig - Visitor farm

Alpacas, pedal tractor, and coziness.

The family farm in Rørvig is a charming and family-friendly visitor farm located in the scenic area of Odsherred. It's a wonderful place for both locals and tourists who want to experience farm life and interact with various animals. The farm offers a range of activities suitable for both children and adults, including animal feeding, petting goats, and insight into the farm's operations and sustainable agricultural practices.

Among the farm's animals, you'll find two alpacas, Vidar and Rudolf, the cat Ella, rabbits, and chickens. In addition to the animals, there's also the opportunity to see the farm's old tractor, play in the pedal tractor area, make bracelets from alpaca wool, and draw on stones.

A visit to the family farm is different from a trip to the zoo because it provides a more intimate and hands-on experience. Instead of just observing the animals from a distance, visitors to the family farm can get up close to the animals, pet them, and even help feed them. This interaction creates a more personal and educational experience, especially for children, who can learn about animal care and behavior in a practical way.

The farm is part of the broader appeal in Rørvig, which is known for its beautiful natural landscapes, including sandy beaches, coastal areas, and a cozy atmosphere. Visitors can enjoy not only the farm experience but also explore the scenic surroundings that make Rørvig a popular destination for holidays and day trips.

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