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Kayakomat Rørvig - Rent a kayak



Book online and enjoy the freedom to paddle wherever you want, whenever you want! With their convenient self-service, you can easily and conveniently rent a SUP or kayak directly from the charming Rørvig Harbor in Odsherred, right at the entrance to the Isefjord.

Take a trip in the calm and beautiful waters of the bay towards Skansehage or along the coast towards Nakkehage and further into Nykøbing Bay. In just a few hours, you can reach a plethora of excursion destinations, and if you have more than a few hours available, the possibilities are almost endless.

The campsites at Unnerud Huse and Stokkebjerg Skov can be reached by 3-4 hours of sailing and are among the most beautifully located campsites in Denmark - perfect destinations for a weekend with overnight stay. The Isefjord is a treasure trove of experiences, where you can encounter seals and porpoises, and the fjord is teeming with mackerel, garfish, and sea trout in the spring and summer months, so remember to bring your fishing rod.

Explore the beautiful waters with friends, colleagues, family, or on your own. The kayak tour and SUP adventure are wonderful experiences, suitable for both beginners and intermediate paddlers. More experienced kayakers can enjoy longer trips across the Isefjord and explore exciting destinations such as Hundested, Kikhavn, Lynæs, Orø, or Lammefjorden.

Renting a kayak or SUP at Rørvig Harbor is easy, affordable, and always available at their unmanned rental station - KAYAKOMAT Rørvig Harbor. Book now and get ready to experience nature firsthand with our self-service!

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