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Nordstrands mums

Cozy Atmosphere and Events.

A passion for sustainability, Ecology and local goods.

At Nordstrandsmums, Lone is the driving force behind the delicious homemade marshmallows and much more. She is passionate about sustainability, ecology, and local goods, and this commitment permeates everything she does. Lone loves to go the extra mile for her customers, and she does so with her little red ice cream cart and the beautiful glasshouse, where she offers communal dining and various events throughout the summer.

Lone places a high value on recycling and minimizing waste, which is reflected in all aspects of her business. At Nordstrandsmums, you can enjoy delicious rhubarb trifles and specialty coffee in the cozy courtyard.

A Summer Program Filled with Experiences

Keep a close eye on Nordstrandsmums' event program, as Lone always has something exciting planned. The program is diverse and includes art exhibitions, terrace drinks, knitting evenings, 5 o'clock drinks, DJ events, and creative workshops. There are no limits to the great initiatives Lone comes up with, and it's always an experience to participate in her events.

Of course, you can also just stop by for a delicious ice cream cone when you're in the mood for a sweet and refreshing snack.

Visit Nordstrandsmums

Come and experience Lone's passion for sustainability and her love for creating cozy and memorable experiences. Visit Nordstrandsmums, enjoy the delicious marshmallows, and take part in the many exciting activities that summer has to offer.

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Nordstrands mums

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