Worth a visit.

For us, it is important that our rental bikes are of good quality and completely in order, but it is also important for us to "guide" who may want it, on to places they might not have just thought of. To places that we are proud of in Odsherred, to places where we know that there are people who are at least as passionate about what they do as we do.

It can be anything from small cozy shops, to Beer or wine tasting, Geohunting trip, or just a bike ride of small paths where it all ends up outside at a small farm shop.

And if the family wants to be together but does not have any ideas for what to do, we are also happy to come forward and give our opinion on what you need.

Odsherred offers small breweries, ice cream and seaweed, lots of art, small beautiful shops, varied terrain, forests and the coolest sandy beaches. And the opportunity to get from road, to beach and to forest is very easy on a bike in Odsherred. On top of that, the area is full of energetic and creative people. A super beautiful area like Solgården's family garden, I'm excited about where they are in 5 years. Just in the years they have had open in the garden a lot has happened. A perfect place for family or for a bunch of friends who need a Saturday to go. Lots of ball, play and fun. The same goes for the team behind Geohunting. They do the coolest treasure hunt that can inspire anyone to hear more about the area.

There will be regular updates, about our bids and description of places and sights.


What is Geohunting, yes it is super accomplished treasure hunt around Odsherred. You choose your trip according to the destination. It is always described whether the trip is suitable for walking, cycling or driving. And how many kilometers the trip is on. On their website you can see where the different hunts are sold from. Should you wish that there is a ride ready with your bikes, just email, and I will make sure that it is bought and ready with the bikes.

Once you have selected the trip, it can be used at any time. And the best thing is to set aside most of the day, so that you might even combine the trip and the "hunt" with something good to eat. You start the trip with a little knowledge and then a riddle must be solved to find out where your next post is going. Now you might immediately think that it's just straight, but no it's not. Even for us who grew up in the area, there may be things and knowledge we did not know at all. And it is with the exercise that makes this Geohunting a pleasure.

If you have become curious, click on the picture and you will be sent on to Geohunting's website, for more info.


Solgården's family garden. (Ellinge Lyng Højby)

Here is our offer for a really nice family garden. The garden is located on Ellinge heather in Højby. You do not have to be ball-happy to take the family and enjoy yourself a whole day. We have several times made our way past a Sunday, to play Soccer Golf, golf, park golf, krolf, soccer darts, soccer pool, cross & Bolle, Ludo, sandbag throws and much more. It is possible to grill your brought food, or pack a picnic basket and enjoy between games. It is important that you set aside 4-6 hours, because before you just have time to sniff a little for park golf and Krolf, time has passed. You can easily have a little smaller children with as there is plenty of space to frolic.

You definitely owe it to yourself and your family to take a peek.

Are you curious and would like to see a little more about what they can offer then click on the picture.

Odden Bryg. (Sj.Odde)

Odden Bryg is one of the smallest breweries in Denmark, but they brew and pour all their beer themselves. And they are constantly evolving, where the latest initiative last year was a tasting room with the opportunity to enjoy a beer, juice or ice cream. They hold beer tastings and not least, they live in the most beautiful area by the Kattegat.

Enjoy a visit to the beautiful couple Jens Petersen and Malene Gylling Petersen. If you have become curious, check out their website or find them on Facebook.

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