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Sjællands Odde 348º hav

Where Adventure Meets the Sea!

Picture this: a group of spirited water enthusiasts coming together to breathe life into the vibrant pulse of the sea. What's it all about, you ask? Well, it's about bringing the ocean's playground to life for locals and vacationers alike. We're talking about lending out gear for all your aquatic adventures – from water skis to kayaks, canoes, Optimist dinghies, fishing gear, SUP boards, snorkeling kits, wetsuits, and life jackets. In short, anything and everything you can dream of for waterborne fun!

For a mere token, you can become a member and dive into a sea of endless possibilities, utilizing our equipment to your heart's content.

When's the Grand Opening?

Mark your calendars for June 2th, from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Where's the Splashdown?

Find us nestled in the heart of the red old warehouse at Havnevej. It's an 80-square-meter haven brimming with the coolest sea gear and the most delightful atmosphere.

So, come on down and dive into a world of exciting, wet, and unforgettable summer adventures. See you there! 

Sjællands Odde 348 hav

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