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Rørvig Vin og Tapasbar

We welcome you to Rørvig Wine and Tapas Bar - an ideal place to enjoy enchanting wines, authentic tapas, delicious pizzas, and live music. Whether you're a local, tourist, or vacationer in a summer house, you're guaranteed a warm welcome and a memorable experience for all.

Satisfy your pizza cravings with our authentic Italian dishes handmade by our skilled team, led by none other than Armando de Raffaele, known from Hells Kitchen and a proud representative of authentic Italy. Armando is a passionate and experienced pizza maker, famous for crafting the most delicious stone oven-baked pizzas. His unwavering focus on the quality of ingredients, combined with perfect baking at high temperatures of 430-460 degrees, results in an unmatched pizza experience

They kick off the season with an event where Lars P performs live on Thursday, March 28th at 7 p.m.

Read more about the event here.

Rørvig vin og tapas

Click on the map for directions to Rørvig Wine and Tapas.

Rørvig vin og tapas

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