• Bike paths, gravel roads, and the scent of beautiful nature
    - experience it all with Odsherred Bike Rental!

    In the beautiful Odsherred, one of Denmark's largest holiday home areas, you'll find a wealth of gravel roads and trails, but fewer bike paths. We've taken this into account when choosing our rental bikes. We've invested in robust Dutch and German models, equipped with wide and puncture-resistant tires, ensuring a comfortable and hassle-free bike ride.

    Our women's bikes aren't just heavy to look at - they're a true pleasure to ride! Despite their appearance of robustness, they come with 7 gears, making it easier to compensate for their weight. You can also add a rear basket to your bike, providing space for swimsuits or groceries along the way.

    For families with children, we offer a range of extras such as child seats, bike trailers, and helmets, so everyone can join in on the ride.

    We have many fantastic bike routes in the area, and if you love exploring new places, we recommend purchasing a Geopark bike map when renting bikes from us.

    All our women's bikes come with:

    • Quick Release on the saddle, allowing you to easily adjust the seat height without the need for tools.
    • Additionally, a lock, bell, kickstand, and lights are mounted on all our bikes.
    • Each women's bike has a recommended frame size, making it easier for you to find the perfect bike.

    At Odsherred Bike Rental, we're ready to provide you with the perfect biking experience in beautiful surroundings!

  • Discover the Charm of Cycling in Odsherred

    Explore Diverse Terrain: Amidst the captivating landscapes of Odsherred, boasting an abundance of gravel paths and trails, immerse yourself in nature's beauty as you pedal through.

    Quality Bikes for Every Adventure: Our rental bikes are sturdy Dutch and German models equipped with wide puncture-resistant tires, ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride on varied terrains.

    Robust Yet Comfortable: Don't be deceived by their appearance - our bikes may look heavy, but they offer a delightful cycling experience. With 7 gears on most models, they balance robustness with user-friendliness.

    Convenience Included: Opt for a rear basket add-on to carry your beach essentials or groceries hassle-free during your ride.

    Explore with Confidence: Choose from a plethora of cycling routes and enhance your exploration with a Geopark cycling map included in your bike rental. Quick saddle adjustments make customization a breeze, while built-in locks, bells, kickstands, and lights ensure safety and convenience.

    For the Adventurous Souls: Seeking more excitement? Try our mountain bikes, perfect for off-road adventures and adding an extra thrill to your cycling experience.

    Family-Friendly Options: We offer child seats and bike trailers, making it easy for the whole family to join in on the fun.

    Discover Odsherred's Hidden Gems, explore farm shops, culture, art, rent kayaks.

    Simply put:

    Embark on an unforgettable cycling journey through Odsherred's breathtaking landscapes with Odsherred Bicycle Rental!


    If you want to find the fun routes in Geopark Odsherred, Anneberg, Grønnehave and Ulkerup forest but lack the mountain bike, you have the option of renting it from us. And if you are into the right mountain bike trails, there is an opportunity in Jyderup forest and Kaarup.

    If many of you are perhaps staying in a holiday home and feel like going for a walk in the woods, we can be booked to deliver the bikes to you.

    If it's just you and junior going on a short trip and you just want to cycle on a mountain bike, with external gears and wide knobby tires, we also have a pair of mountain bikes in junior size.

    Odsherred is a really beautiful area but a very varied landscape, so it's only a matter of imagination for where you want to cycle and what you want to combine. With a mountain bike and the external gears, it is fun to cycle on the forest paths and perhaps from one forest to another.

    If you want to combine cycling with a bit of culture, you can slip into Grønnehaveskoven and past the Psychiatric Museum. And past Anneberg  park there are always different food projects, artist things or other fun experiences going on.

    We are also happy to help with an idea for a route, if desired. Otherwise, it is also possible to order a cycle card with the booking.

  • Odsherred seen at child height and on a bicycle.

    We all know that the sun is shining, the beach is calling and the children are impatient. It's too short to take the car and too far to walk, and that's where the bike comes into the picture. We have children's bikes from frame size 24" and up.

    The children's bikes are typically with 3 or 7 gears and a foot brake, slightly wide tires and a luggage carrier. A quick release is mounted on the seatpost, so if the child needs to sit a little lower than usual on the first ride, until they feel comfortable on the bike. The saddle is then set up without the need for tools.

    Often, longer trips are cycled than when it's just at home and for everyday use, which is why we don't compromise with children's bikes and the right size. Let's find the right size together and if you have a child who is used to the external gears, we have a few simple models.

    If the child is too big to sit on the back but too small to cycle far, we have a follower which can be fastened to the back of the adult bike. Then the child still feels that they are taking part in cycling.

    Please note that for children's trailers, follower and high chair, they must be booked 2 days before the start of the rental.


    Grease the lunch box, make the coffee and pack it all together and take a trip out into the blue. Feel the wind in your hair, watch nature unfold and enjoy the scent and the peace. On the electric bike, the kilometers don't matter as much, it just gives you extra freedom. And if you're not used to cycling, it's just a little more fun to rent an electric bike, so you don't get completely smashed.


    We have many years of experience in renting electric bicycles and we can promise that it will take cycling holidays or trips to completely new heights. We often have large groups that rent electric bikes and everyone can join, because of the electric help. It's nothing that there are two people who can't handle it or keep up. The hills, wind and weather suddenly become no obstacle to cycling a trip of 40 km. more.

    The first few trips you take on an electric bike, you often use more power than usual. That is until you figure out how to use the gears the same with the electric assist. And if you are in doubt as to whether you can get all the way home on a charge, it is possible to bring a charger with you. Then it is just a matter of finding a place where the battery can be recharged when there is a break.

    Looking for fun challenges, sights or specific cycling routes, just hop on our "worth a visit" or on the recommended local Facebook groups. There is always good advice, lots of ideas. Only the imagination sets the limits.

    Just as with the regular rental bikes, we have chosen to only rent out quality electric bikes. All our e-bikes are equipped with a centermotor from Bosch. It is an extremely stable and operationally safe engine and where it is easy and simple to go to. All the e-bikes are equipped with two hand brakes from Magura as a minimum. However, most also have a foot brake. When it comes to electric bikes, you use the brakes a lot more than on regular bikes. It is therefore important that you are comfortable with them and that they are good and well-adjusted brakes.

    A good advice.

    A final piece of advice is to choose a frame. Size smaller than you normally use in a normal bicycle. The electric bike is heavier to "fight" with and you typically get a little more speed, so safety can suddenly become important. And then it might be nice to be able to sit a little further down to start with than you normally would have done. All the e-bikes have a suspended seatpost and this means that you cannot get the saddle all the way down to the edge of the frame, as you can on one without suspension. If you are in doubt about which size you should use or have other wishes, please ask.

    A rear basket is included for the e-bike and of course you will receive instructions on how to use it before we send you off.

  • Fun collaboration.

    Are the teenagers impossible and restless?

    So a tandem is always a fun move and a good challenge. Riding a tandem isn't just fun, it's twice as much fun! And it's definitely a must-try. We have 3 tandems in the bike rental, so it is possible for 6 friends to go together and rent it for a day.
    Visually impaired or those with walking difficulties
    have the opportunity to get out into nature again. Since you as the "back man" can be content with providing what you can and are not responsible for the management. So there are plenty of possibilities, it's just a matter of jumping into it.

    The tandems are equipped with external gears, which is nice on a big and heavy bike. This means that you can compensate with gears and get a much better thread. And with regard to the front fork, there is suspension, which ensures that you don't get all the bumps in the body. It is possible to get
    a bicycle basket on the back if desired.

    Large load or small children.

    Renting a cargo bike instead of a regular bike with a child seat has several advantages:

    Comfortable and safe transport: The cargo bike provides a more stable and comfortable riding experience for both you and your child compared to a child seat on a regular bike. Your child can sit securely and comfortably in the cargo box, reducing the risk of discomfort or restlessness during the ride.

    Spacious transport option: The cargo bike offers significantly more space for storing bags, shopping bags, or other necessities along with your child. You don't have to worry about carrying extra luggage on your body or balancing it on the bike.

    Better visibility: With your child sitting in front of you in the cargo box, you have better visibility and control over their safety and well-being during the ride. You can easily interact with them and respond quickly to their needs or concerns.

    Promotes togetherness: The cargo bike creates a cozy and interactive riding experience where you and your child can enjoy the journey together and interact along the way. It's a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the bond between you and create positive memories.

    If you're arriving by train, we're only a 5-minute walk from the station and can have the cargo bike ready for you.


    Then together with your booking of bicycles, you can order a Geopark bicycle card. Whether you are into completely flat asphalt stretches
    or whether you are into pure mountain driving, you will find them all
    the routes on the map.

    Bicycle helmets, baskets, bags, child seats and child trailers.

    If you don't have the opportunity to bring the bike helmets from home, we have children's and adult helmets that can be rented together with the bikes.

    Children's seats and child trailers give you the opportunity to bring the little ones along on the bike ride. They will enjoy coming along, whether it's on the back of the bike or down in the trailer, it's just a matter of temperament.

    The children's chair is from Bobike, which has been among the most preferred brands on the market. It is important that security is in order and that you make the right choice for you

    and your children. Then we make sure that everything is checked and completely in order.

    When renting several bikes, simply write in the comment field which bike you want the child seat or child trailer mounted on.

    Please note that when choosing accessories to be fitted, the bikes must be booked 2 days before the start of the rental.

  • The bicycles will be delivered and picked up.

    If you have already booked and wish for the bike to be ready at your holiday home upon arrival, we can deliver it with your order. We deliver within Odsherred. If you need delivery beyond Odsherred, please send us an email, and we will find a solution together. A few days before the rental period starts, we will contact you to discuss any preferred delivery times.

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