Bicycle Helmet Children - Adult
  • Bicycle Helmet Children - Adult

Bicycle Helmet Children - Adult

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Bicycle Helmet Children - Adult

You can rent children's or adult bike helmets when you want to go cycling.

All our helmets are CE certified and up to date, and they are regularly replaced. This ensures that you receive the best safety when renting a helmet from us.

Renting a bicycle helmet along with a bicycle is a good practice for several reasons:

Safety: Bicycle helmets are crucial for protecting the head in the event of an accident or fall. They significantly reduce the risk of serious head injuries.

Practical: If you don't own a bicycle helmet or don't have space to bring one on your trip, it's convenient to be able to rent one along with the bike.

Availability: If you are only visiting for a short period, it may be more convenient to rent a bicycle with an included helmet, as this saves time and effort in finding and purchasing a separate helmet or bringing one from home.

We have helmets ranging from size XXS to size L, so hopefully everyone can find a helmet that fits.

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