Guided tours.

Odsherred's terrain and changing landscape offer cycling challenges of every taste. We call our area pure Paris the "crazy" bike.

We have areas with the most beautiful views, and everything from the straight road driving along the water and to the trip into the forest and then ending in the city. We have 3 nearby forests around Nykøbing Grønnehave forest, Anneberg forest and Ulkerup forest. These 3 forests can be put together for a really good and exciting trip. The 3 forests each have their own history and you will often encounter hidden treasures and if you end up in the exciting area of ​​Annebergparken, you can experience art, food and events for every taste.

If you have a special desire for a guided tour and some specific places, give us a call and let us have the most beautiful experience on 2 wheels.
As we get further into the year, there will be dates and places where it will be possible to buy a specific guided tour with us.
We ride mountain bikes so it will mostly be combined forest, trails, some asphalt or tracks.