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Isefjord - The 4 Ferries

Gastronomic Adventures in Fjordland

Stop by one of Fjordland's many excellent eateries and enjoy the taste of local delicacies like the world-famous fjord shrimp, local microbrewery beer, or fresh vegetables from Lammefjorden. Stay at one of the cozy hotels, inns, bed & breakfasts, or campsites, or try a night in the open at one of the area's many shelters.

Explore the Fjord Path

The Fjord Path offers a unique opportunity to experience the coastal landscapes and rich bird and wildlife up close. Choose whether you want to eat and sleep at some of the area's best restaurants and hotels, cook over a campfire, or stay in shelters. The cycling or hiking tour, winding between fjords, forests, hills, and towns, is a journey through Fjordland's geology, history, food culture, and outstanding nature. Feel the wind in your hair and embark on a sensory journey through the green landscapes and along the blue waters.

The Four Ferries

Four ferries connect Fjordland, making it easy and elegant to get around the entire Isefjord by bike:

Make your trip to Fjordland an unforgettable experience with the many opportunities to explore and enjoy the unique Danish nature and culture.

Isefjord - De 4 færger

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