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Kayakomat Rørvig Havn

Rent a SUP or kayak at Rørvig Harbor in Odsherred, at the entrance to Isefjorden. Take a relaxing trip in the beautiful waters either towards Skansehage or down towards Nakkehage and further to Nykøbing Bugt. In a short time, you can reach several attractions, and with more than a couple of hours available, the possibilities are almost endless. Unnerud Huse and Stokkebjerg Skov offer some of Denmark's most beautiful camping spots, perfect for a weekend getaway. In Isefjorden, you can experience seals and porpoises and fish for mackerel, garfish, and sea trout in spring and summer. Kayak or SUP trips in this area are a fantastic experience, suitable for both beginners and intermediates. Experienced kayakers can explore longer routes and visit places like Hundested, Kikhavn, Lynæs, Orø, or Lammefjorden. Renting a kayak or SUP at Rørvig Harbor is easy, inexpensive, and always available at the unmanned rental spot - KAYAKOMAT Rørvig Harbor.
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